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Chocodate Dubai Duty Free Promotion Winners Announced

  Dubai, UAE – August 27, 2013 – Chan Fuan Cheang (coupon number CH0019442), Harris Zaheer (coupon number CH00114128), Muhamad Fadlie (coupon number CH00111488), Olga Skvortsova (coupon number CH0011309) and Jieming Lian (coupon number CH00110774) were amongst the five lucky winners to receive a return flight to a destination of their choice anywhere around the world as part of a two-months promotion on Chocodate™ Dubai-branded boxes at the Dubai Duty Free.

  The winners registered their coupon numbers online after purchasing limited edition gold boxes of Chocodate™ from Dubai Duty Free. “We received tremendous feedback on this promotion from people of multiple nationalities both residents and tourists expressing their love for Chocodate,” said Razan Al Masri, Director Communication & Development for Chocodate™ manufacturer Notions Group, “We strongly believe in engaging with our customers who have made our brand what it is today and continuously launch such activities that help our loyal customers enjoy our products a little more. The platform given to us by the Dubai Duty Free helped us further reinforce our standing as a unique product of Dubai to the millions of travellers going through on a daily basis.”

  The promotion was part of an exclusive partnership with the Dubai Duty Free; the draw was conducted by Dubai Duty Free’s Executive Vice Chairman, Collin McLoughlin, Sharon Beecham – Manager Purchasing & Research and Notions Group Sales & Trade Marketing Director Christian Bilodeau.

About Notions Group

  Notions Group was founded in Dubai in 2008 as the holding group for Dubaibased chocolate factory La Ronda established in 1990 and Saudi-based savoury snacks factory Star Foods launched in 1991. Today, Notions Group has grown to be one of the most established confectionary and savoury manufacturers of some of the region’s most unique products such as the trademarked Chocodate™. Also specialized in marketing its unique range, Notions Group exports its high-quality products to distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide and to individual consumers all over the world through FedEx. With a brand new production facility in Dubai set for completion in Q4 of 2013, Notions Group operates state-of-the-art technology under international hygienic conditions and standards to offer a variety of gourmet chocolates and diverse range of chips, crisps, and other savoury snacks. Powered by a team of 300 people, Notions Group brands have become household names in the region thanks to on-going innovation to offer natural products to its growing customer
base in the region and the world.

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