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Corporate Values

Our brands combine superior Notions of the world; so do the principles we live by.
For a model that has worked so well with many of our products, we use the same equation to form our corporate values.

Reason and Passion                                                                                                 
Passion is the force that drives us; reason is what steers our endeavours.
We put our hearts and our minds in every little detail of the business to achieve the best results. We are passionate about our brands, our products, our customers, and our people, because they are the reason we are here, and that is what makes us successful.

Tradition and Modernity
Driven by the values of our ancestors; acquainted with the innovations of the future.
Taking the old and making it new is a signature feature of many of Notions products; our company takes what has been good for years and makes it better with a modern twist. We also continue to follow traditional values as we stay on the cutting edge of technology and place innovation at the centre of everything we do.

Family and Community
Our enterprise is governed by family values, for the benefit of the community in which we serve.
Notions is a family-run business that prides itself on making the business a home. Each and every member of the team plays an important part and we build their motivation by encouraging trust, stability, creativity and spontaneity. As part of a community, our combined efforts are motivated by offering only the best to our clients.

Vision and Focus  
Our vision is broad, but our focus is narrow.
It is our mutual goal to make our products the preferred choice in the world; we remain focused on developing our corporate identity in a way that will lead us there. We decide who and what we serve, because instead of being everything to everybody, we would rather be something special to somebody. This is what keeps us dedicated to what is really important, and directs our efforts as we get there.

Excellence and Satisfaction
The continued provision of excellence stems from satisfaction.
In order to guarantee excellence, it starts with the satisfaction of our employees. This is why we work on keeping open communication between management and staff while encouraging progress through training and continuous education. We also follow the same with our customers, by listening to their suggestions to make improvements were possible and necessary.