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La Ronda Factory

La Ronda Emirates LLC, a highly diversified Chocolate and Chocodate manufacturing company based in Dubai which established in 1991.

It’s using state of the art of one shot molding machine. The factory is comprised of the Chocolate and Chocodate processing plant, with a total processing capacity of 5mt per day with product size of 10 to 16gms. La Ronda Emirates is an ISO and HACCP certified company.

Star Food Factory

Star food industry established in 1990 a highly diversified production of delicious Chips and safe snack food. Star Food factory moved to agricultural hub Hail, Saudi Arabia in 2008 for being close to raw material source for ensuring the availability of fresh potatoes direct from field to factory with a fully automated computerized control production operation from raw material feeding till final packing without any physical human contact with product at any step of production operation.

Team of 130 well qualified and trained staff including food technologist, engineers and other professionals to ensure manufacturing of delicious and safe savory snacks consistently.

Types of snacks produced are five, 1. Fresh potato chips 2. Pellet snacks 3. Tortilla chips 4. Corn snacks 5. Fabricated chips All factory operations are complied with GCC and Saudi standards. Star Food is an ISO 22000:2005 certification in process