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Notions Group adds five new markets to its international distribution list

Major Expansion & Projected growth In the Horizon for Food Manufacturer Notions Group

Dubai, UAE – Notions Group, one of fastest growing food manufacturers and distributors in the region and makers of the guilt-free Chocodate™ brand, announced they will be exporting their star product to an additional five markets; the Netherlands, Japan, France, Turkmenistan and Russia, thus expanding the global distribution network to 40 countries. 

The tremendous demand for the Chocodate brand has been a true testimony to the products’ success beyond the Middle East where dates are a traditional dessert, “My vision was to create a product that would take Arabia to the world and I couldn’t be more proud than to see people of different cultural backgrounds not only enjoy this brand but also become loyal consumers who actively talk about it through social media as we have witnessed over the last few years,” says company founder and CEO Fawaz Masri who personally created and developed Chocodate back in 1992, “We are continuously approached by distributors from around the world who are keen to add Chocodate to their portfolio and are in talks with some 20 additional markets which will hopefully materialize in the next couple of years thus helping make our brand a global product.”

Masri also discussed expansion plans of its manufacturing plants by Q4 2013: 

  1. Dubai-based La Ronda – an ISO & HACCP-certified chocolate factory that manufactures gourmet standard chocolates and chocodates set to unveil an entirely new production plant capable of churning out more than 3,000 metric tons of confectionary each year. 

  2. Star Foods – a Saudi-based savoury snacks factory that specialises in the manufacturing of a variety of halal & vegetarian chips, crisps and other snacks expected to more than double its capacity thus elevating the current 10,000 metric tons of potato chips to up to 20,000 per year. 

For now, major quality enhancement is expected and includes more stringent control measures of its operation with further plans in the coming year to increase capacity by three to four times its current size. The company is also in the process of implementing new logistical measures and processes that will enhance its capabilities with the goal of reducing the timeline in between production and delivery through palletisation and selective racking systems.

Armed with a target of 30% business growth in 2013 – 15% more than its registered growth last year, “We have opened several new markets, introduced new products, flavours and enforced these with tremendous sales and marketing support that will surely expand the outreach of our brands and in turn reflect in annual sales that we expect will grow significantly by year end,” says Masri who also linked possible growth to emerging markets within the MENA region, “The dramatic changes within this region have opened new prospect markets in areas that were otherwise closed in the past, where we were limited by economic structures that did not allow us to do business; the new commercial practices being applied are indeed encouraging and promising.”

To date Saudi represents the largest market for Notions Group in region whilst Malaysia remains the biggest global importer and one of the very first countries to take on Chocodate more than a decade ago. 

With several projects up its sleeve and the recent new brand and category launches in its savoury lines, Notions Group also plans to expand its chocolates category by adding chocolate-coated fruits and nuts, and sugar-free chocolates – all of which are using high-quality ingredients and the finest European chocolate. 

A major endorser of consumer insight, Masri attributes his company’s success to his on-going interest in consumer feedback and most importantly in extensive research and development, and views innovation as a vital building block in the establishment of strong brands.

About Notions Group

Notions Group was founded in Dubai in 2008 as the holding group for Dubaibased chocolate factory La Ronda established in 1990 and Saudi-based savoury snacks factory Star Foods launched in 1991. Today, Notions Group has grown to be one of the most established confectionary and savoury manufacturers of some of the region’s most unique products such as the trademarked Chocodate™. Also specialized in marketing its unique range, Notions Group exports its high-quality products to more than 30 countries worldwide. With a brand new production facility in Dubai set for completion in Q4 of 2013, Notions Group operates state-of-the-art technology under international hygienic conditions and standards to offer a variety of gourmet chocolates and diverse range of chips, crisps, and other savoury snacks. Powered by a team of 300 people, Notions Group brands have become household names in the region thanks to on-going innovation to offer natural products to its growing customer base in the region and the world.

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