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Notions Group doubles regional operation to gear up for global export

Notions Group doubles regional operation to gear up for global export


UAE-based Notions Group, maker of the guilt-free Chocodate™ brand, announced completion of major expansion plans of its UAE-based confectionary and Saudi-based savory operations as part of its plans to increase production capacity and in turn meet the growing demand for its brands and products across the globe.

With export making up more than 50% of its production, the group is considered one of fastest growing food manufacturers in the region and anticipates positive business growth following expansion of its production plants in the region, as well as the introduction of several new products into local, regional and international markets.

After wrapping up a fantastic year marked by more than 30% growth and filled with numerous developments aimed at supporting continuous progress for Notions Group, including a major move of its La Ronda plant to a brand new state-of-the-art facility at Dubai Investment park (DIP); founder and CEO Fawaz Masri expects further growth in 2014 thanks to a long-term expansion strategy that saw the Dubai-based producer export its products to more than 50 countries with global brand distribution set as a priority within the next five years, “The increasing demand for our brands warranted an expansion of our operation and production capacity,” explains Masri, “We have also accounted for additional expansion of both our plants in the next five years to accommodate the new markets that are being added to our distribution network on an ongoing basis.

“We will also be introducing a new business development center at our DIP facility, entirely dedicated to developing relationships with trade, distributers, retailers and end customers.”

“We believe our new operation and the various measures we are taking to optimise our regional operation will help us strengthen our partnerships with our distributions and agents worldwide,” added Masri.

Notions Group also entered the chocolate coated nuts category recently with the introduction of La Ronda Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts & Almonds, and is looking to take up major market share with its line of high quality products all manufactured right here in Dubai, “Product development represents one of our founding principles at Notions Group and we plan to introduce several new SKUs and brands that are currently under development.”

The newly introduced La Ronda milk chocolate coated almonds and hazelnuts will be distributed across all key accounts and gas stations.