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Notions Group to Introduce Four Brand Extensions and two brands at Gulf Foods 2013

  February 25, 2013 -- Dubai, UAE – Notions Group, the Dubai-based confectionary manufacturer and maker of the guilt-free Chocodate™ brand, announced it would be expanding its portfolio of high-quality products in the coming year as part of its ongoing product development strategy.

An active player in the market since its establishment in 2008, Notions Group will be adding Xtreme, XL Sticks and XL Bites to its hugely popular XL Fresh Potato chips brand and introducing new twist-shaped fresh potato chips brand XO. Notions Group will also be growing its share of the confectionary category by expanding the La Ronda Luxury Chocolate line and introducing a new brand; Roastery Chocodate in response to market demand for a bulk product of the popular Chocodates.

 Notions Group also specializes in distribution, global export and marketing of a diverse range of unique savoury snacks and confectionary items views innovation as a vital building block in the establishment of strong brands says Owner and Managing Director Fawaz Masri, “We have worked very hard to create these new products and are confident they will hit the spot for our growing number of loyal consumers who have grown accustomed to our quality.”

  Masri expects 2013 to yield major growth for the group composed of Dubai-based La Ronda – an ISO & HACCP-certified chocolate factory that manufactures gourmet standard chocolates and chocodates and Star Foods – a Saudi-based savoury snacks factory that specialises in the manufacturing of a variety of halal & vegetarian chips, crisps and other snacks. “We have been making great strides over the past few years and have drawn closer to our goal of establishing our brands as household names that cater to people of all ages,” says Masri.

  The company employs more than 300 people and prides itself for the utilization of state-of-the-art technology and international hygiene standards to churn out over 10 high-quality food products.

About the new savoury products

  Xtreme – fresh potato chips with bigger and crunchier rippled potato slices sold in matt black packaging. Available in four different boosted flavours: Salt, Chilli, Ketchup and Cheese.

  XL Sticks - fresh stick-shaped potato chips packaged in a colourful can ideal for school lunchboxes. Available in four different flavours: Salt, Chilli, Ketchup and Cheese.

  XL Bites - tiny rippled potato slices perfect for school lunchboxes. Available in four flavours: Salt, Chilli, Ketchup and Cheese.

  XO – twist-shaped fresh potato chips packed in small metallic pouches available in 4 flavours: Salt, Chilli, Ketchup & Cheese.

About the new confectionary products

  La Ronda Collection – on the market since 1996 in Milk & Dark chocolate varieties, this is a new revamped collection infused with a more enjoyable and delicious chocolate formula. Sold in variants of “Mostly” – the brand matches the taste buds of any chocolate lover be they for the Mostly Milk, Mostly Dark, Mostly Fruits or Mostly Caramel.

  Roastery Chocodate – a new variety of Milk, Dark and White chocolate-coated dates packed in bulk-sized bags to a wide distribution network that includes roasteries.

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